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February 19, 2017

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December 13, 2016

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The Democratic Party is dead

February 11, 2017

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Hacked white supremacist emails provide blueprint for defeating Trump Agenda

February 2, 2017

The myth of America is a white lie. To many, it’s small. It’s a truth buried among omissions and context. But it’s not white like that. It’s a sickly white. Caucasian. It makes our bloody history logical, softer, understandable. It’s the lie of white supremacy, and it’s back in the White House.


Hacked emails from a leader of the white supremacy movement show how this lie churns, how it appeals to the fearful and hopeless, and how taking back the story of America is our best hope for defeating the white supremacist agenda.


“Every time I yelled ‘We want our country back!’, I am sure that 99% of the 99% White crowd that responded so enthusiastically to that chant UNDERSTOOD that the ‘we’ and the ‘our’ in ‘we want our country back!’ was (and is) our White people. … I’m also sure that this army of Minutemen had some very good implicit (and explicit) understanding of WHO stole their country from them and their children.’”

-Jamie Kelso

Statement on white supremacist website, Stormfront

 Jamie Kelso, right, with David Duke. Kelso lived with Duke for two years as they collaborated on organizing white supremacists and growing their influence in Republican politics. Photo from White News Now.


In 2012, Anonymous hacked white-supremacist Jamie Kelso’s websitesAmerican Third Position and White News Now, releasing thousands of private emails concerning his various efforts at expanding the base of white nationalism and white supremacy through aligning with right-wing political campaigns and movements. At the time, they were significant because they showed how Kelso and other white supremacists were welcomed into Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. But looking back, the emails reveal the blueprint for the reentry of white supremacy into mainstream politics — the payload in the Trump missile.


The Blueprint

Trump’s voters were wallowing not only in rage, but in hope — hope that the next job will pay better and provide benefits, hope that the next president will return the country back to an idyllic wonderland that never really existed, hope that the problems of our time can be blamed on others and that simple solutions are out there for the taking.

He owned them.


He identified his marks by their fear. He stoked their misdirected rage. He sold their hope back to them as huge-ass, immediate-comfort, easy-truth lies. Trump is the most talented street magician to ever win the presidency of the United States. Like all solid grifters, his confidence trick is based on his predatory understanding of human nature. The fear and division that he preyed on had powered the GOP base for the past few decades. This cynicism became fully weaponized and morphed into an uncontainable wildfire, destroying all opposition.


“More specifically, we are working on a PURE experiment (to test the concept) of making every post and every image attractive to average White folks. The kind of White folks we all went to school with, that live in our hometown, and that are our relatives. Getting even more specific, this means that ALL of the images, symbols, words, and statements that we already [know] to be highly unpopular and highly unattractive to our target audience, those average White folks, are not used here.”

- Jamie Kelso

Email hacked by Anonymous, 2012


He capitalized on the GOPs concerted efforts at rewriting history, flip-flopping Christian thought, turning the fourth estate into a freelance propaganda guild and preying on every single fearful psychological tendency. Using their machine, he was able to keep the Big Lie clean. Barely.


“Spread the love. Love works. Positive posts work. Optimism works. Telling folks what they’ve been wanting to hear in a style that they like…works.”

- Jamie Kelso

Email hacked by Anonymous, 2012


The hypocrisy and racism lurked juuuuuussssst under the level where the cognitive dissonance would become too much for his supporters. Respectable Americans needed plausible deniability, and this was offered by painting “you”, whoever that happened to be, as a victim of the forces of the undeserving multicultural hordes. The different. Them.


This perpetual victimhood, fear, and pursuit of an external solution was a perfect fit for the white supremacist lie. And there is no easier lie than the lie of white supremacy.


“We’re being a BRIDGE, a badly needed bridge. A bridge that was missing. In fact, more specifically, we’re being the hardest part of any bridge to engineer… the center span.”

- Jamie Kelso

Email hacked by Anonymous, 2012

 Jamie Kelso, photo from White News Now.


White supremacy has different flavors. Even the most junior alt-right member knows that Hitler and unvarnished hatred are niche markets. It’s not something you discuss openly unless you are a fifth deep, in a Pepe meme, or cloaked in internet anonymity. To connect with lesser-degree racists, you need to change the product. So, white supremacy got blended with whatever regurgitated lie came out of the Trump Hope Recycler© and was wrapped in the most apple-pie, baseball, Johnny-Appleseed Americana the campaign could get their hands on. This was Steve Bannon’s strategy in a nutshell. This is modern right-wing thought. This is Trump.


This dynamo of paranoia runs on dishonesty, because they know their cause is unpalatable to the masses. A fundamentally racist, autocratic, oligarchy doesn’t really ring “America” to most people. And yet they claim America as theirs.


Their history is the distinctly un-American story of insecure boys’ vision of men — weak, porcelain masculinity. They celebrate the antithesis of Christianity in the notion that people are financial vehicles to be used and tossed. They somehow deny the truth of non-white resilience in the face of attempted genocide, while blaming these American contributors for the outcomes of their ruthless capitalism. They pile up whatever positive parts of the American myth than can lean on their pile of insecurity and claim their history is America’s history. The foundation of their claim to authority has been, and will always be, tainted and illegitimate. They are fundamentally un-American. They represent the antithesis of that which they claim, and they will lose.


“They like their folk heroes. In America that would mean Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Huck Finn, Johnny Appleseed. They like national parks for images. They like the outdoors. They like clean language. They like good manners. They like hard workers who show constant respect for their traditions. All the things we all like. So we use those. All of them. All the time.”

- Jamie Kelso

Email hacked by Anonymous, 2012


America’s real history is our story, not theirs. This history is a narrative of how we got to this point, and where we are headed. The myth has never been factual because it attempted to be aspirational without truth. One cannot sing the national anthem, recite the pledge of allegiance, or read the bill of rights without acknowledging the systematic repudiation of this spirit throughout American history. It was theirs then, but it is ours now, paid for with blood and sacrifice.


This story is one of sacred community. It’s the real story of Jesus, not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, rich, AR-15 toting, anti-Christ fabrication. It’s the story of our second president swearing in on a book of laws because America is not a Christian nation as much as it is a modern one. This is the story of generations of people getting on boats and airplanes with suitcases because of persecution. This is the story of baseball with Willie Mays and Satchel Paige. We are jazz and blues and hip-hop. We are Woody Guthrie and union leaders and hippies and inventors. We are the largest diaspora for just about everybody. What they fight is what we are. And although they appear stronger than ever, their strength is in appearances. Our strength is in existence.


Our vision of America will defeat the divisive, hateful, entitled individualism that has taken over the American right and will take over the White House. This is the inspirational vision of America that some of us realized was a fraud. It isn’t as much a fraud as it is unfinished business.


So, is Hitler attractive to 90%+ of our family, friends, and neighbors? That’s an easy queston (sic) to answer. Is very strong “I hate (fill in the group)” language proven to be attractive to our target audie